The firm

Century Capital is an asset and funds management firm, founded by internationally renowned Executive Managers together with a network of professionals from prestigious companies in the banking, financial and entrepreneurial world. Century Capital has its headquarters in Dubai and is present with branches and representations in Europe, Asia and the USA. The main focus is on the selection and financial and managerial support of relevant projects, through advanced models of project financing, venture capital, private equity and investment funds. Furthermore, through the presence of its own team of excellence and partner companies around the world, Century Capital guarantees its funds, investors and family offices dedicated focus, certain performance and the identification of innovative projects that meet ESG criteria.

Diversification of Investments

Century has constructed a highly diversified global portfolio of private equity and alternative investments. Our platform is global and we source capital from institutional investors around the world. We have close relationships with every class of investor including: public pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, consultants, funds of funds, insurance companies, corporate pension funds, endowments and foundations, family offices and wealth advisory firms. Century has meaningful participation in each of the major sectors and has made significant investments in the UAE, United States, U.K. / Europe, and increasingly in the growth markets of Asia.

Diversification by Sector

  • Byout 68%
  • Venture Capital 16%
  • Growth Capital 11%
  • Credit 2%
  • Infrastructure 2%
  • Energy 1%

Diversification by Geography

  • North America 70%
  • U.K. / Europe 22%
  • Asia Pacific 7%
  • Latin America 1%

Century’s success is based on the stability and experience of our professional team. Since inception, Century has had low staff turnover fostering retention of knowledge as well as key sponsor and counterparty sourcing relationships. Century’s partners and principals each average 15 years of alternative investment experience and more than 14 years together at Century. The firm’s partners and principals are supported by investment professionals skilled in the evaluation and analysis of global secondary, co-investment, and primary opportunities, and by a talented team of investor relations, accounting and fund administration, and legal and compliance professionals. Century is committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment and rich culture that celebrates differences and encourages input from all perspectives.
Century believes that private equity and alternative investment sponsors have the ability to enhance their long-term performance through an understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues affecting their portfolio companies.




We support people in asset management and in the realization and implementation of their projects through project financing and fund investment, relying on advanced structured finance tools and the advice of our team of global experts.