“A person is richer than another when he is happier and has obtained a better quality of life”

Amartya Kumar Sen

This quote is from Amartya Kumar Sen, an Indian economist, philosopher and academic (Nobel laureate in economics in 1998) who inserted the concept of happiness in the link with the value of wealth. With this in mind, a precious synergy between economics and ethics has been organized, placing the human being and their needs at the center. Thus was born ethical finance with its new method of evaluation which, in addition to the usual criteria, uses ethical and moral systems to operate.

Century Capital has chosen to be an ethical fund, pledging to exclude the arms industry, gambling and tobacco from its activities.
The considered choices of Century Capital are mainly aimed at the common good, with an attitude that eliminates the mere enrichment conceived by the possession and exchange of money and pays attention to the characteristics of the goods produced, the health of the planet in the projects managed and adding ethics to the reasons that move the investment.

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