Project Financing

Century Capital is always looking for new innovative projects around the world, capable of making a difference and that are promoters of solid ethical values as well Century Capital dedicates its managerial and financial skills to the realization of projects with a high social, environmental and innovative impact. Through advanced investment fund and project financing models and thanks to its selective approach, Century Capital is the top partner for innovation and financial solidity for those with projects capable of making a difference.


Strategic management and daily responsibility for the implementation of the project is left to the entrepreneur as promoter of the idea. Century Capital is committed to supporting and helping the entrepreneur in the implementation, transition and growth of the project, satisfying and managing managerial, economic and financial needs until the success of the project itself.

Compliance with ESG criteria generates a virtuous ecosystem in which profit is not necessarily in contrast with the protection of the environment and social inclusion but, on the contrary, merges with the general concept of sustainability.

Areas of interest:

• Hotel & Resort
• Real Estate
• Marinas
• Entertainment & Film
• Waste Management
• Healthcare
• Mining
• Manufacturing
• Innovative Technology
• Fashion & Luxury

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