Corporate Governance

Excellence, integrity, and trust are at the core of everything we do at Century.

Our governance model provides for regional flexibility while upholding Century’ standard of excellence across the globe.

Our Commitments to Responsible Investment and Governance

We operate with the highest level of ethical standards, with governance in place to ensure that these standards are followed.


  1. Expand and enhance ESG data management
  2. Track and leverage climate resilience data to inform investment decisions
  3. Assess Century’ carbon emissions and create a management and mitigation plan
  4. Become a Promoter to Responsible Investment

Investment Management Governance

We believe good governance makes Century a sustainable, resilient business. Over the past 15 years, our team and we have built a robust structure to support our growing investment business and ensure that we continue to lead the industry. Built for scale and speed, our Investment Management Governance structure helps us better leverage our competitive advantages as a firm. We will keep adapting and evolving our investment business and structure to meet the changing landscape and ensure that Century remains a leader and a driving force in our industry.

Business Governance

The Century Executive Committee is composed of ownership representatives and leading regional and central senior executives worldwide. This group serves as our board of directors and is responsible for overall governance. Our Investment Committee, Steering Committee, Audit and Compliance Committee, and Personnel Committee provide oversight, as well.


Our Audit and Compliance Committee provides oversight of the integrity of our financial reporting and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements regarding financial reporting practices.

ESG Governance

The firm has created an ESG Leadership Council that is led by our Global Head of ESG and includes the Century Global Sustainability Officer, Chief People Officer, and Chief Legal Officer as well as Century’ regional ESG leaders. The council oversees our ESG Working Groups and meets with the Century Executive Committee on a quarterly basis to review our strategy and report progress.

Stakeholder Engagement

Century engages with internal and external stakeholders like employees, tenants, investors and the wider real estate investment industry to ensure we’re meeting and exceeding our goals.

The Century Global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Our Global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics complements our Guiding Principles and affirms a company-wide commitment to our core values and priorities. The code provides an overview of the regulations and policies that guide our firm and employees, and helps us make decisions as individuals and as a business.

Ethics Point

Our reputation was built on conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and following the letter and spirit of the laws and regulations applicable to our business. We expect employees, shareholders and business partners to report conduct they believe to be unethical or in violation of the law, the Global Code of Business Conduct, or other Century policies. EthicsPoint, provides an anonymous and confidential source if someone is uncomfortable reporting ethical or legal concerns.

Integrating Sustainability Into Investment Decisions

Century has built a robust governance structure that supports our growing investment business. Our structure is built for scale and speed, and it helps us better leverage our competitive advantages as a firm.

ESG Drives Excellence

Our investment team places emphasis on environmental sustainability and improving the footprint of our assets under management. Monitoring ESG factors helps our investment team ensure that we’re meeting or exceeding local legislation and policies related to important global issues, including energy use, climate emissions, and water, waste, and labor impacts. It also helps us meet the expectations of our investment partners and continue to set the standard for what we believe ESG should mean in the real estate industry.

All our investments are guided by the Century Responsible Investment Statement and put through our Sustainability, Resilience, and Responsible Investment Framework.

Data Integrity at Century

Data is particularly important to our ESG efforts. It gives us a portfolio-wide view of how our buildings are performing from a sustainability perspective and helps us manage risk and plan for greater resilience. Our goal is to make consistent data available to our investment, development, and operations teams, so they can derive actionable insights, make informed decisions, and course correct when necessary.

Our Data Strategy

Our Corporate Analytics Group oversees the firm’s broader data and analytics strategy, and makes consistent data available to our investment teams, so they can derive actionable insights that help us identify opportunities and course correct when necessary.

The firm’s data strategy has four distinct pillars

External data helps us identify trends and opportunities.
Internal operational data provides a snapshot of operations and expenses at a building-by-building level.