ESG criteria

Our projects have been selected with 3 factors in mind:


we examine how a company contributes to environmental challenges by taking into account, for example, energy efficiency, waste, pollution, the availability of natural resources, climate change and the reduction of the use of natural resources or food safety


we examine how a company manages the relationship with its employees, suppliers, customers and the communities in which they operate, also focusing on diversity and equal opportunities, working conditions, human rights, health and safety


we consider how a company is administered, such as executive remuneration, tax strategy and practices, bribery and abuse of office, diversity and board structure, meritocracy criteria


Century Capital, selecting its investments, adopts a responsible investment approach; ESG factors (Environmental, Social, Governance) are therefore integrated into the investment process, thus allowing an even more reliable analysis of both potential opportunities and any risks.

Integration of ESG criteria within investment process

With the aim of maximizing its results in terms of sustainability, Century Capital integrates ESG factors into its investment approach, undertakes to monitor and manage the risks and opportunities associated with sustainability issues and implements its commitment to operational level starting from the investment and divestment processes, in the belief that this gives greater strength and consistency to the choices and activities of the fund.

Century Capital adopts a mix of sustainable investment strategies appropriate to its operations including the adoption of screening tools, engagement with its companies and the application of the exclusion criteria provided for each Fund.

In order to consider and integrate ESG criteria into its investment activities, Century Capital adopts the following 5 sustainability principles:

  • Evaluate and mitigate risks and potential impacts: Century Capital integrates sustainability risks, starting from the assessment of the investment targets, among the information and drivers evaluated in its choices, in the belief that ESG risk management allows to strengthen the investment process and can facilitate the creation of lasting value in companies;
  • Seize and exploit opportunities: the Fund considers good ESG performance, current or potential, as a rewarding element in the evaluation of its investments;
  • Contribute to sustainable development: through its investment activity, Century Capital aims to align itself with the sustainability objectives defined at European and international level, starting with the UN SDGs, promoting, where possible, practices and activities that help to facilitate their achievement;
  • Monitor and report performance: Century Capital collaborates with investee companies to periodically collect information on the most relevant ESG issues, with frequency and level of detail appropriate to the size and operations of the companies in the portfolio, and communicate the results of its management and commitment of the companies themselves to their stakeholders;
  • Promote dialogue and commitment: through communication, the dissemination of know-how and the network of the investment team, the Fund aims to promote the adoption of sustainable investment principles and discussion on ESG issues, in order to share good practices and solutions that are progressively establishing themselves in the sector and encourage collaboration towards common priorities in terms of sustainability.