Mergers and Acquisitions

Century understand that every transaction is unique hence our tailored approach to each deal assists our clients to structure and execute each transaction to achieve their strategic and financial objectives
Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) is simply the consolidation of two or more business entities or assets. Mergers and acquisitions take place for many strategic business reasons such as synergies, valuation enhancement, growth/ expansion, diversification or sharpening of business focus, capability enhancement, gain a competitive advantage or larger market share, management change, cost consolidation, survival and so on.


  • Buy side/Sell side advisory
  • Divestures, spin-offs and dispositions
  • Business Valuation
  • Due Diligence
  • Assisting in negotiation procedure
  • Financial Structuring
  • Joint Ventures and Alliances
  • Recapitalizations
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Deal agreements and documentations
  • Deal structuring and financing
  • Post deal capital support for growth

Our corporate M & A service includes typical corporate restructuring activities like Corporate Divestitures, Leveraged Buyouts and Management Buyouts.

We have broad experience and professional expertise in handling high value and complex M & A deals. The merger and acquisition process is the most challenging and most critical one when it comes to corporate restructuring. One wrong decision or one wrong move can actually reverse the effects in an unimaginable manner. It should certainly be executed in such a way that a company can gain maximum benefits with the deal. The role of a consultant is key while structuring M & A deals. We have gained massive knowledge from various studies and analysis of the industry and practical experience gained from completed deals, which is a real value addition to our clients.


We assist our clients in every stage of M & A. This generally includes:

Preliminary Phase or Business Valuation

This phase includes examination and evaluation of the present and future value, and also including the market value of the targeted company. Our team has expertise preparing valuation memorandums using the most scientific methods to calculate the valuations.

Proposal Phase

This is the next step in the process of M & A. Generally this proposal is offered through issuing a non-binding offer document.

Planning Exit

When a company decides to buy out the target firm and the target firm agrees, the latter has to go through the Exit Planning stage. The target firm plans the right time for exit. It considers all the alternatives like Full Sale, Partial Sale and others. The firm also does the tax planning and evaluates the options of reinvestment.

Structuring Business Deal

After finalizing the merger and the exit plans, the new entity or the takeover company has to take initiatives for marketing and creating innovative strategies to enhance business and credibility. This entire phase emphasizes on structuring of the business deal.

Purchase Agreement or Merger Agreement

In this step, the required agreement is made to cover the entire legal, operational and financial aspects of the M & A deal.

Integration Stage

In this stage, the two firms are integrated through Merger or Acquisition. Here is ensured that the new joint company carries the same rules and regulations throughout the organization.

New Venture Operations

After signing the agreement and entering into the venture, it is equally important to operate the venture. This operation is attributed to meet the said and pre-defined expectations of all the companies involved in the process.


Mergers and acquisitions typically involve a substantial amount of buyer due diligence. Before committing to the transaction, buyers must ensure that they are clear on what is being purchases, what obligations they are assuming, the nature and extent of the target company’s contingent liabilities, problematic contracts, litigation risks and intellectual property issues, and much more. Our expert team assists the buyer, and seller, to conduct a thorough Due Diligence covering most significant legal and business due diligence activities connected with a typical M&A transaction.

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