This department operates in the professional management of activities and services dedicated to client companies, while they are engaged in strategic transformation processes having in parallel a financial management operation based on their internal assets, or during an investment operation managed by the fund for the purpose of evolution and restructuring of the client company.

The activities of this department aim to make a rigorous and original contribution to this new strategic management, enhancing issues such as entrepreneurial values ​​and ethics, governance and the definition of the business model, actions for consolidation and business growth.

This department accompanies companies in grasping the challenges of the market by supporting them in transforming the problems they experience in their daily lives into opportunities.

To cope with the complex and multifaceted needs expressed by client companies, the operational areas of the department have a multidisciplinary nature, ranging from the value dimension to issues such as corporate governance, strategy, marketing & sales.

The plus value of this department in its professional activities are:

  • Strategy, market and competition analysis
  • Family Business and generational change
  • Business Ethics
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Strategic Project Management

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