Global Development

For many times Century has developed landmark business projects that deliver lasting value to investors and communities. The firm’s unique talent in value engineering consistently allows its partners to achieve their development goals on or below budget.

Century benchmarks all proposed new projects against competing projects in the market, with an in-depth understanding of the local environment and of those meaningful features that will differentiate the project from its competition. This process allows Century to develop the most successful project for that specific market, in line with the client’s and investor’s objectives.”

Our projects have a reputation of setting standards for success in their respective markets and product types. Over and above financial returns, they improve cities and pioneer new sustainable practices. Combining insights from local teams, decades of experience and a commitment to long-term value creation, we craft sophisticated projects designed by world-class entrepreneurs.

Development Services:

  • Feasibility Phase
  • Business and Market Assessments
  • Extensive Benchmarking
  • Environmental / Geotechnical and Site Evaluations
  • Precise Budgeting and Scheduling
  • Redevelopment Analysis for Existing Business
  • Design Phase
  • Careful Design Team Selection
  • IT, Architectural and Engineering Contract Negotiation
  • Thorough Fundamental Systems Analysis
  • Closely Coordinated Design Phases
  • Governmental Approval Coordination
  • Sustainability and Energy Management Considerations
  • New Technology Cost / Benefit Evaluation
  • Security Considerations

  • Management of Design to Accomplish Quality, Budget and Schedule Goals
  • Pre-Construction Phase
  • Contracting and Purchasing Strategies / Bid Packages
  • Cost-efficient Construction Purchasing
  • General Contractor Negotiation / Subcontractor Contracting
  • Construction Phase ( Real Estate)
  • Comprehensive Construction Administration
  • Operations and Maintenance Planning
  • Successful Commissioning, Delivery and Closeout
  • Tenant Construction Management Services
  • Handover to Operations
  • Throughout Development
  • Effective Communication with Ownership
  • Accounting / Control / Reporting
  • Schedule / Budget Management
  • Investment / Asset Management Services
  • Marketing and Public Relations

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